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At MODE, we design for our customers. Our services are tailored to meet your needs and approach. We adapt to meet the requirements of your project and we can even update or add to the level of service during the project.

As a chartered member of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), we can offer turn-key project management packages. This is ideal for busy customers: we take the stress of both the design and construction process off your hands. You can rest easily knowing that your project is being looked after by us.

Get in touch today to discuss your ideas and the best course of action for your project.

Project Lead & Client Advisory Services

We always give honest, reliable advice to both our customers and associates. Before you start, we will talk you through each stage and work closely alongside you to establish the full scope of your ambitions.

This will show us where we are best placed to assist you. Our friendly, approachable team offers will offer a unique customer experience throughout the duration of the project.  

Feasibility Studies & Master Planning

MODE Architects can also help you establish the scope of a potential site or property by undertaking initial space planning exercises to understand the development potential of the site.

We work from the design brief to create conceptual designs and a range of proposal options for you to review. This will also support you in communicating the ambitions and scope of the project with any stakeholders or investors. 

Technical & Construction Design

Every construction project requires detailed drawings and specification documents to allow the relevant contractors to assess the scope of their work and quote an accurate price for it.

We can provide full construction drawing and specification packages or basic technical drawing packages suitable for building control assessments from the local authority. 

Interior Design

Over and above our project management and design services, we are also able to offer an integrated interior design solution to our customers.

This service covers all aspects of the interior design process, from broad space planning criteria down to the specification of colour palettes, design of fixed furniture, loose furniture and accessories. 

Design Brief Creation & Project Planning

We work with you to develop your design brief and ensure your ambitions are achieved in a manageable way.

We will liaise with other professionals and the local authority on your behalf, where necessary, to ensure that the project is clearly planned and achievable.

Architectural Design

Architectural design services are the heart of our practice. This is the crucial element that most residential or commercial architecture projects require. At MODE, we develop your initial design proposals through a mixture of hand drawings, CAD software and 3D modelling to ensure your vision is accurately realised.

Our design expertise also ensures that your ideas are communicated as clearly as possible to local planning departments and other professionals involved in the project such as structural engineers. 

Project Management

Project Management is a broad area, but we can be as involved as you want us to be in the process. We can work with you to develop a plan for the level of management that you need to support you through the project and ensure its completion. 

Alternatively, customers who are confident in their project or who already have a construction team in mind can choose a more basic level of project management from MODE. We can provide just the essential information needed to get a spade in the ground on site for anyone who is ready to take on the whole responsibility for the build and is familiar with all aspects of their project. 

Building-In-Use Assessments

When we work alongside out customers for the duration of the project, we can fully assess our designs and adjust them in response to changing variables during the construction process or adapt to any unexpected issues.

It also allows us to undertake post-occupancy building-in-use assessments on behalf of our customers to evaluate any remediation works or advise you about ongoing maintenance and improvements.

The results of these assessments are just as helpful to MODE Architects: the information gathered allows us to implement changes early in the design process to improve our end results.